Bovis Construction were building a development adjacent to John Sisk Contractors Hotel Project. The issue was that Bovis’ building was 12 floors higher and would not complete before the Hotel opened. They required access over the hotel, and there was a dispute over air rights.

The incumbent scaffold contractor had proposed a Beam Bridge system. However, this was not suitable for budgetary reasons and could not be completed in the time available.


To put 2 platforms on 1 mast tower.

PHD designed a truss out cantilever system onto which they sat their 3,000Kg capacity mast climber and mounted 2 separate platforms on one mast.

This allowed  different trades to work on the same elevation at the same time.

This meant the client could catch up on programme, avoid penalties and save against the more expensive  and time consuming beam bridge solution.

For more information see PHD Hoists and Masts.