IPAF Training

PHD gained IPAF training centre status in 2018, which means we are approved to conduct and organise training for Mast Climbing Work Platforms, including installer, operator, and demonstrator training. Our courses are led by an IPAF instructor and on completion, attendees will receive a certification and a PAL card that lasts for five years.

IPAF promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide through safety initiatives and training programmes.

Our courses include:

This course instructs installers in charge of the installation of a MCWP in all standard configurations indicated by the manufacturer. On completion they will be able to perform installation, final appraisal, and handover procedures.

This course instructs advanced installers, in charge of the installation of an MCWP in all configurations, including special configurations and tailor-made projects. On completion they will be able to perform installation final appraisal, handover procedure and MCWP Thorough Examinations.

This course trains and assesses an Instructor to understand the delivery of the IPAF training programme and assesses knowledge on machines and the ability to convey information to candidates.

This course instructs the trainee on all concepts to enable him/her to deliver training to MCWP operators on several MCWP types. The training’s focus will be on how to safely operate and demonstrate the use of various types of Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs), basic concepts about assembly procedures, pre-operational checks, safe emergency procedure, to understand a risk assessment and method statement, to carry out visual and functional checks and planning MCWP use.

This course instructs an operator on how to operate the MCWP safely, with full knowledge of the controls of the equipment and they are able to carry out preuse/daily inspections and perform the emergency descent.

This course instructs mobile operators, who work from and operate a mobile MCWP, giving them full knowledge of the controls of the equipment, and ensuring they are able to carry out pre-use/daily and weekly inspections, are able to perform an emergency descent, and are able to dismantle, move and reinstall (including stability tie) a Mobile MCWP in its original configuration only.

This course instructs demonstrators, giving full knowledge on the operating commands of the equipment, and ensuring that they are able to perform an emergency descent, carry out preuse/daily and weekly inspections and ensure that these take place. In addition, demonstrators are responsible for performing familiarisation to users and trained operators.

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    Course information provided by ipaf.org – https://www.ipaf.org/en-gb