Above everything else that we do here at PHD, Health, Safety, Environment & Quality are our top priorities. Our Mantra “Safety By Choice, Not by Chance “is one that is echoed throughout every part of our company from our office staff to our operatives on site.


At PHD communication is an integral part of HSEQ, we understand that employee involvement is key to our HSEQ success and we are pride ourselves in getting that ethos across from day one. Below is a selection of some of the things we at PHD do to ensure Safety By Choice, Not By Chance.

1-Day Company Inductions including latest SG4, TG20 &SG6 training.

Text Message alert system with weather warnings, Training reminders etc.

Annual Health & Safety Seminars.

Monthly HSEQ Meetings & Monthly Safety Committee Meetings.

Red, Orange & Green initiative cards for monitoring and rewarding performance.

“Your Shout” Anonymous feedback cards across all our sites.

Monthly Newsletter keeping all at PHD up to date with the latest news.

Toolbox Talks of the Month focusing on key industry subjects.


We believe that responsible behaviour and our choices affects our communities, our people and our environment. Everybody is taught to take responsibility, to care for themselves and to look out for others. One such initiative; the red, amber, green monitoring card system has proved to be a priceless mechanism for operatives’ continuous improvement towards attitude to Safety & Health. Good performance is rewarded through our very own PHD Scratch card and the HSEQ Team have measurable data that demonstrates the effectiveness of the card system.


Continual Improvement is fundamental to ensure we learn from our experiences. Our in-house HSEQ Team boast an abundance of experience between them. Our two CISRS Advanced scaffold inspectors who carry out all statutory scaffold Inspections and report directly to the HSEQ Director generate transparent, non-biased reports, this is analysed by the HSEQ compliance Team to determine common trends across our projects.

At PHD we are committed to providing young persons the opportunity to excel in the scaffolding industry. Read More About our Apprenticeships


At PHD we believe that the health and wellbeing of our employees is just as important as their safety. We are passionate about raising awareness and understanding around the importance of good mental health across PHD and the industry-as-a-whole. Read More About what we do.