Due to the high security and reporting restrictions it is not possible to go into too much detail regarding the scope and extent of the works.

Suffice it to say that PHD were faced with an extreme challenge where for the 4th time in the history of the company we believe we achieved the impossible.

In cost engineering and programme reduction exercises we devised an innovative working method which both delivered significantly better ‘value for money’ and a greatly reduced project programme.

The solutions offered by our competitors was traditional tube & fitting & beam with ties into the building as well as penetration into a very sensitive structure.

Major internal refurbishments involved large volumes of demolition waste to be removed and similarly large volumes of new materials loaded into the building.

Due to subterranean factors there were severe restrictions to very low ground loadings.

PHD proposed a solution utilising a free-standing hoist raising up to 28m a height that had never been achieved before.

We contacted all the UK & European hoist providers & manufacturers who insisted that their hoists be tied into the building at 6m spacing’s as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

With the assistance of German Engineers we proved that the 3t hoist could free stand to a height of 28m a task previously thought impossible.

This innovative solution delivered significant savings as well as avoiding penetrations through the walls of the building and incursions into high security areas of the building to afford access to the work areas.