PHD and their key management team have worked on all the different phases of Heathrow Airport’s evolution.

From working on the Terminals themselves to the actual ‘Welcome To Heathrow’ sign and the iconic ‘Concorde Island’, PHD have been a proud supplier of access & scaffolding services.

PHD’s varied scope of works over the years include;-

  • the Queens Building
  • TBB Jumbo Hanger
  • T1 remedial concrete car parks works
  • a suspended hanger off Runway 1 for Worlmald Engineering
  • T2 Link Bridge
  • T2 Baggage Hall
  • T3 extension
  • T4
  • The Virgin Lounge
  • T5


PHD’s key management team carried out the access requirements for Laing O’ Rourke at T5 before being carefully cherry picked to form the PHD Aviation Division.

The sheer volume of human footfall passing through the world’s busiest airport each day perfectly testifies to PHD’s capability of working in a ‘live environment’ where safety and security issues are paramount.