The London Chancery Court Hotel, formerly the Pearl Assurance Company Building, is a 1914 Edwardian English Heritage Grade II listed building which sits behind the Beaux Epoch facade designed by Moncton and Newman in 1912.

Under new ownership the Chancery Court Hotel underwent a three year £85 million refurbishment, which was a collaboration between architects T P Bennett, designers EAA International and English Heritage, with PHD Modular Access providing the bespoke scaffolding solutions.

PHD Modular Access were brought in by Beck Interiors to design bespoke scaffolding solutions, similar to Victoria Tower, enabling the restoration of the masonry and stonework to the Beaux Epoch facade and spectacular domed feature as well as provide all the specialist access to carry out the internal transformations. These included;-

  • Gantry and Hoist run off tower for material access to the entire hotel
  • Temporary Roof
  • Cantilevered Beam Access Scaffold to Domes
  • Large Birdcage for Stair Installation

These were the main items and PHD supplied other items including general independent scaffolds and towers etc.