PHD assists in creating new financial hub for the Middle East.

The AD Financial Centre (Sowwah Square) has been designed as the city’s new central business district and to serve as the central hub for Middle East trading.

The floating building which is the new HQ of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange is raised on pillars 27 metres above a bespoke 49 metre diameter water feature. The building has a transparent roof the size of a football pitch and is strategically placed to face the existing down town region and project an image of strength and solidarity.

Four offices frame the Stock Exchange building and range in height from 31 to 37 stories. Beneath the offices sits a two story retail podium providing up-scale shopping along the waterfront.

PHD were access partners on this development providing an independent scaffold system following the unique contours of the stock exchange and office towers. This allowed efficient installation of the double skin ventilated façades that insulate the buildings against extreme temperatures and the specially designed active/passive glazed shading panels that further control heat and light, whilst providing the structure with its elegant glazed finish.